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Your child has a dream

Your little darlings have entered their teenage years. It seems like just yesterday you were preparing them for their first day at school. And today, discussions are all about their career choices. Time flies away. But as they say it's never too late to start. Though you did miss on en-cashing the benefit of compounding, but start wherever you are. At this stage you'll have to definitely shell out more, as the goal is just few years away. Remember, it's okay to be late than never!!

Balanced and disciplined savings in diversified equity funds and debt funds is the way to catch up the road to your kids dreams. If you've already begin planning, it's time to review and amend the plan according to what your kids want to be. Talk to your kids, know their interests and plan accordingly.

Opportunities have grown manifold, costs have increased exponentially; Savings alone would not be enough!!


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