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The Big Day is round the corner

Ah!! The time has come. Soon your little darlings would be out on their own to begin the journey of their dreams. The best college and best career option discussions have already begun. Whether it's breakfast table or dinner table, it's all about your kid's college. You want to make sure that he/she takes the right decision. After all it's something that concerns their whole life. Hence, You can't afford to be wrong this time.

Now that anytime you can be required to shell out the money for your darling's dreams, it's time to go slow. Be defensive and have your savings in debt funds or any other fixed income instruments. Aim for capital protection to avoid any hassles, as anytime your kid might say "I have got the call, yippee"!!

Your little bundle of joy has grown up And geared to get a head start in life !!


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